Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Birthday, dear Relief Society!

Currently, I'm a relief society teacher in my ward. I absolutely, completely love it. The girls that I serve are bright, eager, and good through and through. It really is a kind of privilege to be in a position where I can facilitate growth and discussion with them.

Recently, they all indulged my love for Mormon women's history and supported an unusual lesson that I had been imagining. To celebrate the birth of the Relief Society, we decided to learn about the past presidents of our organization.

With the exception of Emma Smith, and in some cases, Eliza R. Snow, my girls hadn't heard of any of the 16 general Relief Society presidents. Excluding Linda K. Burton and Julie B. Beck of course. This made for an exciting series of discoveries.

We had our lesson on President's Day weekend (oddly appropriate I'm just now realizing), and almost each girl who was present that day was assigned a president to study. After reading up on her president (we primarily used the biographies printed in Janet Peterson and LaRene Gaunt's Faith, Hope, and Charity: Inspiration from the Lives of General Relief Society Presidents) she taught the group about the woman she had studied.

Each girl looked for Gospel principles in her president's history, and shared a scripture that reminded her of the woman she was presenting about.

It all made for a deeply enriching experience. The Spirit was incredibly thick in our classroom that day. It was so strong that it seemed entirely possible that these Relief Society presidents were present too. That's the power of stories. Good stories. True stories.

A few weeks after our lesson (which was actually followed by a second lesson because we ran out of time during the first one) we had a small birthday party, where we made the video embedded above. The video almost entirely features the girls from my Relief Society.

I love hearing from these girls, these little women, about what they learned. And also who doesn't love our Bishop? He too, is literally, the crème de la crème.

But I guess you'll have to watch the video to understand that reference.

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